Body. Mind. Transformation.

Body. Mind. Transformation.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What is your favorite decade of fashion?

In my opinion, 1940's to early 1960's fashion was the most flattering era of fashion for a woman's body. Simple shapes with an emphasis on the waistline is perfect for most women, especially curvy women like me. The 1920's, mod 1960's and some 1980's fashion was basically only attractive on women with the popular stick thin/boyish shape. I don't think there's anything wrong with having a naturally thin and shapeless body, but these skinny years brought on a new type of mindset in pop culture and singled out women with natural curves. With Twiggy's twig-like shape, models were forced to lose weight to keep up with her popularity and fame. The anorexia fad began, and bigger girls were shut out of the "attractive" picture.

There are many popular "curvy" and "thicker" celebrities today, but the weight obsession has not left us. Celebrities are ridiculed for both losing and gaining weight. Can a body be perfect? No, so let it go!

Take a look at the beautiful and naturally curvy bombshell Christina Hendricks.

And the adorable, loveable Adele.

And have you seen Beyonce's big, beautiful hips lately??

Loving a woman's natural shape is the healthiest thing to do. Treat your body and mind in a kind and gentle manner, just like you would your dear cat or greatest love. Be good to yourself, and you will see positive changes elsewhere. Whether you are like me and can't seem to get under a size 12 even on a strict diet and workout routine, or if you're naturally a size 2 and can't gain weight on an all fat and carb diet (such people exist), you are beautiful.

One more thing, with the all natural and green fad going on, you would think that mental health and a positive self image would become popular as well, but it can't until the media changes it's goals. If people are happy with who they are, they won't buy products that they believe will perfect their flaws!

For example: women don't need to shave, because we're mammals!!! But the media and pop culture teach us that if we are hairy, then we are masculine and therefore unattractive. Instead of making fun of a man for having a hairy girlfriend, I think men should be made fun of for being sexually attracted to hairless women, for that is ultimately a twinge of pedophilia. The only humans without a normal amount of hair are prepubescent children. WEIRD.


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