Body. Mind. Transformation.

Body. Mind. Transformation.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome to the dollhouse!

Simply put, this is a blog dedicated to glorifying the female body. With all its contours and curvatures, one could say it is truly a work of art (and has been studied as one all throughout human history). My goal is to show everyone that a woman can be more than a size 4 and still be healthy, sexy and beautiful, which most people in general are (they might just not know it yet). But remember, a natural size 4 lady is beautiful, too!

Yeah, the "big and beautiful" theme has been rehashed and regurgitated numerous times, but seriously, I'VE LIVED THIS SHIT, so I'm the perfect source to pick up a new regurgitation session from (without the actual bulimia complex).

I have been able to make myself into a healthy and intellectually wealthy woman without the need of male influence or admiration. I have become this way for many reasons, one being that I aim to not dwell on the fact that the last time I was under 150 lbs was in the 5th grade as I hovered over the rest of my classmates at 5' 2" tall. By the 8th grade I was over 200 lbs and 5' 9". The 200 lb part was NOT healthy, and I'll admit that, but once high school came I learned how to take control of my slow metabolism and heavy set body by learning how to eat for my body type and doing proper exercises to really help me change my body. As a naturally big woman (size 10 shoe and a 38 D bra included) with a slow metabolism, it is extremely hard to lose weight, but once I knew how to do it (and do it right), I have successfully kept off weight and stayed healthy.

With this blog I hope to inspire others to be healthy, to rely on pant/waist size instead of the scale, to treat themselves with the care and respect they deserve, and to truly love their bodies. I will offer you all my personal favorites when it comes to exercises, short body cleanses and recipes, and will approach many issues dealing with modern health, beauty, and femininity. (If you're offended by deep reflection and combat against ignorance, please do not stick around.)

Now, here is a collection of photos of beautiful, curvy woman. Take note, that most of these photos are from the early to mid 1900's. This is something that I will talk about at a later date.

Marilyn Monroe - Size 14 babe (today she would be considered a 10 - 12 since sizes have gotten larger)

Damn those big beautiful thighs! Bettie Page is one of my dream women. 
Does she look ashamed at all?

And now for a nice narcissistic section of photos of myself at my curviest.

These were all taken within the past year.